Dual Pressure Washer

“With the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer we can go deeper into the grinding process on our first cut before frame work as we know this machine can clean up the floor surface quickly and efficiently. It saves us time and our clients’ money with less edge work on our polishing stage”.

Makinex 16kVA Generator

“We use the Makinex 16kVA Generator because we run alot of equipment and most sites don’t have 3 phase power. My grinders need 32amp power and vacuums draw 15amp. The 16kVA saves us alot of time by not waiting for sparkies having to come to site and set up additional power outlets.”

Makinex 10kVA Generator

“The Makinex 10kVA hasn’t missed a beat when using it to run my floor grinder and dust extractor. It’s portable and powerful and can run just about anything to get the job done.”

Makinex Mixing Station

“I lay carpet, vinyl, timber etc and establishing a nice level floor is essential to achieving a great finish. Since buying the Makinex Mixing Station, I’ve been able to free up staff to look after other jobs. I can pump multiple bags of product into the Mixing Station and get it on the floor achieving a seamless finish.”

Makinex 6kVA

“Been on acreage in far north QLD where rainfall is at times unreliable and we’re exposed to cyclones, we rely heavily on generators to power bore pumps. We love how compact and portabile the Makinex 6kVA is . It hasn’t missed a beat since we bought it”.

Dual Pressure Washer

“Prior to the Dual Pressure Washer, we had two separate units available in our rental fleet for pressure cleaning large areas!

The adjustable pressure up to 4000psi on the DPW is great as it guarantees the right power when you need it. The 600mm rotary cleaner is considerably wider than other units on the market, making the job quicker and easier. The combination of these features, along with its maneuverability and ease to change between functions, makes the DPW a great choice.

Customers are more likely to choose the Makinex DPW over other machines due to its operational efficiencies and effectiveness to do the job and this has supported rental sales within MASTER HIRE’S cleaning category!”

Dual Pressure Washer

“The lads love it! We used 2 machines previously which were heavy and hard to move around. The Makinex Dual Pressure Washer helps us clean our court surfaces much more efficiently! When we need another machine, it will definitely be a Makinex Dual Pressure Washer”

Dual Pressure Washer

“It used to take up to ¾ of a day to clean our hard surfaces but with the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer it’s only taking an hour. This has saved us so much time and the quality of the job is 10 times better than the portable hand gurney we were originally using!”

Dual Pressure Washer

“We previously used a basic domestic pressure washer before we upgraded to the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer! We’re saving a huge amount of time cleaning our pathways and rooftops with this machine and would recommend it to anyone, it’ wonderful!”

Dual Pressure Washer

“Before the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer I used separate wand and rotary machines which were effective but clumsy. The fact the rotary and wand are combined in the one machine and the walk behind design makes the Makinex Dual Pressure Washer compact and easy to use and has saved me heaps of time!”

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