I’ve used the Mixing Station to install TRU, Ardex, Stampcrete, MiraCote, FossilCrete, Mapei and pretty much everything else I use for decorative concrete.  I initially purchased the MS-100 to do a polished TRU job which was 3000sqf.  I was left in a bind. I coordinated 6 men for two days to get it poured.  I quickly found out in a couple of hours that the entire project was going to be done in about 5 hours or so and I really only needed 2 helpers and myself. We were able to mix 3 bages every 5 minutes with consistency right out of the box.  Wall studs were up, sliding doors and floor drains installed, conduit everywhere.  Didn’t matter.  We just mixed and oured exactly where we needed to be with virtually no clean up!  Thanks to the MS-100, total job time from prep to clean up has been reduced by 25%.