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Makinex Mixing Station

Makinex Mixing Station MS-100

Fast mix & pour for self-levelling cements, compounds & epoxies

The Makinex Mixing Station MS-100, previously known as the SmartMixx, is the ultimate mixing solution for self-levelling cements, compounds and epoxies, producing a perfect mix every time. Designed by Contractors for Contractors, this portable station provides efficient hands-free mixing and enables fast precision pouring of materials.

Get your job done in half the time! The Makinex Mixing Station with stirrer can mix up to 100kg (220lbs) batches in 3 minutes. For large jobs (larger than 80m² or 861ft²) additional stations are recommended.

The Makinex Mixing Station is ultra-lightweight and the ergonomic design with easy tilt operation provides control and speed for precision pouring. It also features a dust/splash reduction cover for safer use and less mess.

The station is suitable for various Stirrers/Mixers including the Protool® Stirrer MXP1602E and Collomix® Hand Mixer CX600HF. Stirrers/Mixers are optional and sold separately. (Please contact your retailer for more information on other suitable models).

The Makinex Mixing Station provides excellent value and pays for itself quickly – saving time on jobs and labour costs.

  • WATCH VIDEO: Mixing Station for Floor Levelling

    WATCH VIDEO: Mixing Station for Floor Levelling

  • WATCH VIDEO: Mix & Level Cement

    WATCH VIDEO: Mix & Level Cement

  • WATCH VIDEO: Portable Mixing Station

    WATCH VIDEO: Portable Mixing Station

  • WATCH VIDEO: Mixing Station Assembly

    WATCH VIDEO: Mixing Station Assembly

  • Makinex Mixing Station

    Makinex Mixing Station

  • The Makinex Mixing Station

    The Makinex Mixing Station

  • Floor Levelling Compound Mixer

    Floor Levelling Compound Mixer

  • Portable Mixing Station

    Portable Mixing Station

  • Mixes up to 100kg in 3 Minutes

    Mixes up to 100kg in 3 Minutes

  • Makinex Mixing Station

    Makinex Mixing Station

  • Floor Levelling Compound Mixer

    Floor Levelling Compound Mixer

  • Self-levelling Cements, Compounds & Epoxies

    Self-levelling Cements, Compounds & Epoxies

  • Makinex Mixing Station

    Makinex Mixing Station

  • Quick & Easy Pour

    Quick & Easy Pour

  • Mix up to 100kg (220lbs) in 3 minutes
  • Hands-free mixing with in-built timer
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • 4 wheel mobility – easy to manoeuvre and spread materials
  • Easy-tilt operation for precision pouring
  • Ultra-lightweight mixing station – only 18kg (40lbs) without stirrer
  • Removable dust/splash cover for safer use and less mess
  • Removable bucket and stirrer for small batch mixing
  • Easy to clean and transport
  • Limited 12 Months Warranty
Height handle attached (Operating) 1060-1260mm (42-50in)
Height handle detached (Transportation) 780mm (31in)
Overall Width 600mm (24in)
Overall Length 650mm (26in)
Length of Handle Adjustment 200mm (8in)
Weight (without stirrer) 18kg (40lbs)
Weight (with Protool® Stirrer) 25kg (55lbs)
Weight (with Collomix® Stirrer) 24kg (53lbs)

"I’ve used the Mixing Station to install TRU, Ardex, Stampcrete,MiraCote, FossilCrete, Mapei and pretty much everything else I use for decorative concrete. I initially purchased the MS-100 to do a polished TRU job which was 3000 sqf. I was left in a bind. I coordinated 6 men for two days to get it poured. I quickly found out in a couple of hours that the entire project was going to be done in about 5 hours or so and I really only needed 2 helpers and myself. We were able to mix 3 bags every 5 minutes with consistency right out of the box. Wall studs were up, sliding doors and floor drains installed, conduit every where. Didn’t matter. We just mixed and poured exactly where we needed to be with virtually no clean up! Thanks to the MS-100, total job time from prep to clean up has been reduced by 25%."

James Kaita, Modern Faux Finishes, Honolulu HI, USA

“The Makinex Mixing Stations we purchased from Makinex have been used hard for the last three months and all I can say is please send me two more! Our guys are fighting over the three stations we have. The guys love how easy it is to mix two or three bags at a time and easily roll out to the floor and pour without any stress or strain. A two man mixing crew with three stations can keep material coming faster than four guys can rake and smooth on an average pour. My boss loves the dramatic increase in productivity and reduction in labour costs over standard bucket pour procedures. By cutting back from a three to two man mixing crew we are saving up to eight hours of labour every time we pour, as well as covering larger areas with fewer cold joints. Thanks for the great product!”

Quinn Anderson, Prime Flooring (Seattle, Washington USA)

“Correct mixing is critical to the performance of ARDEX levelling compounds. After putting the Makinex Mixing Station through its paces in our Sydney laboratory, we can confidently say that the combination of mixing capacity, helical paddle design and built-in timer makes for a perfectly mixed ARDEX product in the shortest possible time.”

Dr. Rolf Offerhaus, ARDEX Technical Manager, Ardex Australia Pty Ltd

“I have worked in the flooring industry for over 20 years, and we recently had a job which required 240 bags of bulk compound to be applied. I anticipated the job would take about 8 hours, but we got hold of the Makinex Mixing Station and finished the job in 2 ½ hours with one less staff member than I would usually use. The Makinex Mixing Station is a definite goer for this industry.”

John McKenzie, Ideal Floor Topping, Strathfield NSW

Optional Attachments (sold separately)

Protool® Stirrer MXP1602E

  • Extra-powerful 1500 W motor - guaranteed excellent reliability and working performance
  • Dual-speed gears - high torque, designed for heavy or high-viscosity mixtures
  • Electronic speed control - stirrer rotational speed optimization for any mixture
  • Soft start electronics prevent materials splashing at start-up
  • Ergonomic, balanced design of the handles - less effort needed for operation of the stirrer

Rated input


No-load speed 1st gear

120-300 min (-1)

No-load speed 2nd gear

300-650 min (-1)

Spindle with inner thread






Collomix® Hand Mixer CX600HF

  • Powerful 1600W motor and 2-spped gear unit
  • Weight reduced and shatterproof motor housing
  • Diecast aluminium gear unit housing
  • HEXAFIX® quick-action coupling system
  • Infinitely adjustable electronic speed controls