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Reduce dust exposure on site

Makinex Mar 14, 2023 2:07:45 PM

Whether you’re cutting or core drilling concrete, you need water to suppress the dust and maintain the life of your diamond blades.

SafeWork Australia has identified that 69% of reported hazards are from airborne irritants and over half of these directly relate to dust. Hence making dust one of the most significant threats to workers on today’s construction sites.

If dust is breathed in day after day, the person exposed is at an increased risk of contracting a disease which can include anything from asthma to lung cancer. This risk increases over time so we need to be sure to implement measures to restrict dust and that’s why having a reliable water source is vital.

Yet, sometimes getting access to water on a jobsite can be difficult. There may be only one of you which means using a traditional water source such as a pump is time consuming and ultimately inefficient. Battery or electrical operated water sources also have their own set of issues with batteries going flat or electrical devices potentially breaking down.

CEO of Makinex, Rory Kennard saw a need in the market for a highly portable and reliable water supply unit and focused his mind on coming up with a solution.

Hose 2 Go

What came out of this focus was the Hose 2 Go which is a constant pressure water supply unit that doesn’t require the use of a pump, battery or electronics.  You simply fill the Hose 2 Go from a tap, attach to your tools and you’re ready to go.



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