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Reduce costs, time and labour with a Makinex Mixing Station

Makinex Mar 14, 2023 2:07:51 PM

Makinex Mixing Station MS-100

The Makinex Mixing Station MS-100 makes mixing and applying floor levelling compounds easier and quicker with contractors claiming the efficiencies gained pays for the unit in no time.

Contractors can significantly improve efficiency by using the Makinex Mixing Station MS-100 made up of a 100 litre bucket, lightweight aluminium frame and stirrer. The MS-100 can mix a 100 litre batch of levelling cement consistently allowing contractors to confidently take on jobs up to 1500sqm without the need for a pump. For larger jobs up to 6000sqm, multiple Mixing Stations can be used.

With a built-in timer, the MS-100 can mix up to 100kg hands-free in only three minutes, freeing up contractors to prepare surfaces and undertake other tasks while mixing. The portable and lightweight MS-100 mixes self-levelling cements, compounds and epoxies quickly, and then easily tilts to give control, speed and precision when pouring.


John McKenzie from Ideal Floor Topping in Strathfield, NSW stated, “We had a job that required 240 bags of bulk compound to be applied. I anticipated the job would take about eight hours but we got hold of the Makinex Mixing Station and finished the job in two and a half hours with one less staff member than I would usually use. I have worked in the flooring industry for over 20 years and would say the Makinex Mixing Station is a definite time saver for contractors.”

The MS-100 was designed in 2009 by contractors for contractors and has since been distributed globally by Makinex. International Sales Manager Paul Weaver stated, “The feedback we continually receive is that this product is a genuine time saver. It gives us great confidence that Makinex can provide a product that greatly benefits contractors in the industry.”

To find out how you can save time and money with a MS-100, call 1300 795 953.